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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Numbers WM AdsCliff

Numbers WM  AdsCliff

Feb  23 2015

1. Cnbites 
2. Cnbites Index -WM

Feb 22 2014
1. ABS CBN shows  - read more i.programs ii.
2.Lotto results  from ABSCBN News
3.  Monday to Fri -  ABS CBN shows
4. Saturdays-  ABS CBN shows
5. Sundays-     ABS CBN shows
7. ABSCBN Shows - read more
8. Feb 22, 1014- Ninja Turtles Animated  9-10 AM- Its 9:15 AM right aint sure what time Ninja Turtle Pinoy Statrted and whats next.Sponosored by Choey Choco.
9.Ads 1. colgate 2. Big Sip 3. Surf
10. Ads 1. Breeze 2. Mcdonald 3. Cars
Feb 19 2014
1.  Blogs
2.  Cnbites-page tl

3. Cnbites - Sites Google

4.L4 Feb 23 2014

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paypal AdsCliff

Paypal AdsCliff

          Smart Money Card- is a debit card that can be use to pay online and send money to another smcard.It has a mastercard logo. It can be use in Paypal for payment only but not receiving from them.
UnionBank EON Card - A card that is preferred by paypal to receive money from them .It has a Visa Logo Go to your nearest UnionBank after signing up here.

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How to Verify Paypal Account using Smart Money

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How can I Verify my Paypal Account using Smart Mo
Smart Money Card Sample

(1) Go to
(2) Log-in to your Paypal account
(3) Point your mouse to Profile Menu
(4) Choose Add/Edit Credit Card
(5) Click Add a Card
>>> Add your correct Smart Money Card Details to your Paypal account <<<

(6) Before clicking Add Card please Unlock your SMART MONEY Card first.

*** UNLOCK your SMART MONEY Card (using your mobile phone) ***
a. Send INTERNET to 343 through text message (to enable Internet Purchases)
b. Go to SMART Menu
c. Choose SMART Money
d. Choose Internet Txn
e. then choose Unlock
f. then choose the name of the card you want to unlock
g. then enter your W-PIN, a message will appear confirming your request
h. Press YES ($1.00 charge to your Smart Money)

Note: You will receive a text message that your card is now ready/unlocked
for online purchases. Make sure that your Smart Money Card
is loaded with at least Php 200.00 for the Paypal Verfication Charge.
Also make sure that you have atleast Php 30.00 airtime Cellphone Load
for the Php 2.50 charge per send.

(7) After UNLOCKING your Card.. Immediately click on the Add Card button at Paypal
because SMART MONEY card Locks Automatically
(8) A Message will appear that Paypal Cannot Verify your Card
(9) To Enable Paypal to verify your Card:
Just repeat the UNLOCK procedure using your mobile phone
(procedure b to h only, another $1.00 charge to your Smart Money)
(10) Then a Paypal Code will be sent to you via Text Message.
Message includes the 4 digit Paypal Code (EXPUSE)
(11) Then Enter the Paypal Code to your Paypal Account

Once approved.. You now have a Verified Paypal Account..
Paypal will add $1.95 to your Paypal account
from your Smart Money Card..
as a refund for the Verification process..
This will take about 24 to 48 hours..

(Then you can now Receive and Withdraw your ONLINE MONEY using your Paypal Account)

Note: Your Smart Money Card can only be used to Verify your Paypal Account.
You cannot withdraw nor fund your Paypal Account using this card.
In line with this, You should register at GDI using Paypal
and not with Credit/Debit Card option. In addition, You need to fund your
Verified Paypal Account 7 days after your GDI Registration.
How to Get a Unionbank Eon Debit Card?

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Clixsense AdsCliff


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cool 11 Great tech gadgets categorized by Mainsportech
1.wifi- wireless keypads,headsets,mouse, , bluetooth,network adaptors ,gps,cctv
taktak, 4G internet broadband,storage,mini wifi broadband
2. images-camcorders,digital cameras,slr powered vehicles,rechargers
4. touch screens - tablets,sensors,autodetect ,aerosensors,motion sensors
5. flat tv - pc monitors,gps monitors
6. turbo vehicles-jet engines
7. portables-dvd players,camcorders,spypen,spywatch
8.usb - wifi ,connectors,cable,wires cables ,connectors, crimping tools ,computer tools ,  screw drivers
10 audio- speakers,subwoofer, amplifier ,portables
11.gadgets-stylus pen,power banks,ups ,others etc
visit : gadget site: